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Partnering in efficiency


CleanGreens lettuce oak leaf Batavia clean fresh sustainable agriculture premium quality Technology is nothing without knowledge.

Leveraging its agronomic expertise, CleanGreens' uncompromising agronomists team is continuously running trials to identify the best suited species and varieties, the most adapted cultivation conditions, and the most performant nutritive elements balance, to give few examples.

Their sound knowledge and understanding of the business needs enable us to create custom-made solutions and to provide personalised recommendations to fit the requirements of food, medicinal and fragrance industries,



CleanGreens cultivation table batavia easy handling sustainable agriculture premium quality Our clean growing system is designed to be as simple as A-B-C and we intend support and maintenance to be the same.

After installation, our team will train you on-site through the start-up of the system to empower your crew. Should you have any question afterwards, our technical hotline is available in addition to our built-in resources. We can also gladly organise in-person visits on request.

To your convenience, several packages are available to lower and smooth your budget across months.


GURU by CleanGreens

CleanGreens basil management application sustainable agriculture premium quality Your own personal assistant

CleanGreens offers its proprietary intuitive, integrated, cloud-based operating application, GURU, so that you can get the best of your clean growing system stress-free. Based on the experience and feed-back from our agronomists’ team and our customers, built-in reminders, alerts and real-time records will ensure that your crew runs like one single person.

GURU assists in key tasks like sowing, harvesting, and preventive maintenance. It provides full traceability on your crops and activities and builds reports to provide a complete overview on your production.

Your data is fully and easily accessible and usable to analyse your performance and improve your yield and efficiency. You master it !



CleanGreens project design sustainable agriculture premium quality Whether your main challenge is clean water scarcity, soil pollution or tough climate conditions, to name a few, we can adress it. Our system can adapt to your plot, your greenhouse or your building roof. As long as the indoor climate is under control, our clean growing system will produce to your expectations. Knowing your business case, we will define together the wisest options to turn your investment to a sustainable and profitable business. LET'S DO IT