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About Aeroponics

What is Aeroponics ?

Aeroponics is a soilless cultivation method in which plants grow “in the air”, having their root system misted regularly with a nutrient-rich solution.

The main advantages of Aeroponics, besides its extremely efficient water usage (97% less than traditional agriculture and 30% less than hydroponics), is the large amount of oxygen availability to the roots and the non-propagation of any pathogen since each plant is independent from each other

Why using Aeroponics?

Global warming and climate change pose huge threats to the traditional cultivation of plants. Aeroponics is a solution to the problems of traditional cultivation, especially in the countries that lack clean water, or arable soil. It is an effective method for what is called urban agriculture and is encouraged by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the United Nations.

Additionally, Aeroponics is a year-long cultivation method, enabling the hiring of full-time employees.

What are the benefits of Aeroponics compared to Hydroponics ?

To name a few: Aeroponics uses less water; allows for control and adaptability; precise and easier to harvest; better quality; consistency and security of produce; year-round production; high level of automation; no cross-contamination risks; no stagnation or splashing of water.

Our System

What are the benefits of CleanGreens Systems ?

Our system is a unique, patented mobile aeroponics system.

That means that the production benches move as the plants grow, unlike traditional aeroponics system where production tables are static.

Our system could be compared to an industrial production line where raw materials are input at the start of the line and the finished product can be harvested at the end. That enables having a very ergonomic workplace without a whole lot of automation.

Can CleanGreens system be installed on a roof ?

Yes, it can but bear in mind that it needs to be indoors (under a greenhouse or a glass roof for instance) to control the climatic conditions.

Can CleanGreens system be installed in my garden ?

Our current system is designed for industrial-size installations.

Why don’t CleanGreens do vertical farming?

Our research has proven that we can be even more environmentally friendly by providing a horizontal farming, since we use as much light from the sun as we can. By keeping our products on one level, we do not need to use as much artificial lighting as vertical farming would, and so we save a much more energy and electricity.

Is CleanGreens system adapted to all climatic conditions ?

Yes! Thanks to its unique design, durability and structure, the greenhouses and equipment can be set-up almost anywhere in the world.

What kind of land is needed ?

Our systems do not need to be placed on arable land. This frees up land for crops that need to grow open fields.

Since we are not only soilless but also pesticide and chlorine free, the water does not run into the land and surrounding water sources, therefore, eutrophication is avoided.

Growing with our system

How can such yields be achieved ?

Plants grow in our system in perfect conditions, without any stress for nutrients, water nor oxygen restriction. Therefore, they can develop as they please, all year long.

Our engineers and agronomists spent days and days criss-crossing data for the ideal spacing between plants to ensure proper plant development while maximizing the density.

We also use A-shape cultivation benches that create 30% more cultivation from the same ground area.

Is production done with CleanGreens system an organic production ?

In most countries, the production from CleanGreens system cannot be called organic because it is a soilless cultivation mode.

However, produce can be grown from organic seeds, without any pesticides, herbicides, nor insecticides. From this angle, it is equivalent to organic cultivation production recommendations and quality.

What are the nutrients that are mixed with the water which enables the plants to grow ?

The nutrients used are the same that are the ones found in the soil, namely the classic NPK (nitrogen-potassium-phosphate) as well as micronutrients like iron, boron, manganese, etc. We provide the plants with the perfect conditions and only what they need, no more, no less. In addition, the nutrients content found in the mist are extremely small particles, with a near homeopathic dosage - about a few grams per litre of water only.

Are there any chemical products added ?

No additional chemical component is required and plants grow with zero pesticide thus ensuring zero residue.

How clean are CombaGroup's produce ?

Since greenhouses are kept in such a stable and monitored environment and there is neither "above-leaf" irrigation system, nor pesticides use, the vegetables grown do not need to be washed. They can go directly from a seed to your plate!

Since we don’t use any soil or harmful ingredients, the products are dirt-free, contaminant-free and overall better-looking products.

Is production of vegetables consistent and regular ?

It is ! Our cultivation system allows non-stop production with a consistency of size, colour and quality, as well as allowing regularity in order to enable improvement of yields during processing with reduction of waste.

Can I buy your production directly ?

Our lettuces, cabbages and aromatic herbs are not intended for the direct first-line market. We actually donate our R&D production to local charities.

What are the species that can be grown with CleanGreens system ?

Today, we focus on leafy greens : from lettuces of any types to medicinal herbs. We tried hundreds of them already.

Contact us to know whether we ever tried your beloved specie or variety !


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