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CleanGreens cultivation tables high yield efficiency sustainable agriculture

Designed and assembled

by CleanGreens in Switzerland

Nature's Sidekick

Our mobile aeroponics equipment comprises an irrigation robot smartly hidden below a supporting structure that carries crop modules.
Your cultivars will bloom using our precision spraying system that provides full oxygen availability with minimum microbiological risks.

Simple and Trustworthy

Stripped to its bare essentials yet robust and reliable, our modular clean growing system runs steadily and seamlessly, hundreds of cycles a day, 365 days a year, with limited and simple maintenance.

Our smart conception enables all wear parts to be changed with simple tools within minutes, avoiding big interruptions and thus loss of productivity and income. Your production is secured.

Best Farm Quality, Industrial Yields

Designed by and for Agronomy, our innovative technology enables superb, repeatable and predictable premium quality yields of your customers’ favourite crops. It can easily adapt to market demand and preferences without any compromise on size, taste, texture and shelf-life.

CleanGreens greenhouse high yield lettuces salads herbs production sustainable agriculture premium quality
CleanGreens no pesticide no herbicide no fungicide sustainable agriculture premium quality

Sustainable by Essence

All of this is achieved by consuming only a tiny proportion of the resources that would be used for field production and with limited human intervention in the greenhouse.

It's the best way to connect Food Safety and Nature!

Efficiency Excellence

We crafted our system inspired by the reliability and the precision of Swiss timepieces. Even the smallest part of our mobile aeroponics system is specifically chosen for its provenance, quality and durability. Efficient to its core!

CleanGreens innovation innovative technology mobile aeroponics sustainable agriculture premium quality

Locations in Operation

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